Identix rPad®

UHF RFID desktop reader with integrated antenna

Far Field Directivity

The Identix rPad® is a high performance compact UHF RFID reader with a built-in circularly polarized antenna, which enables ease of tag reads and reduces the hardware and deployment costs.

The modern and stylish design together with its competitive cost make the rPad® the ideal device for retail applications, especially fashion and apparel.

When used with a POS device, the rPad® is versatile and allows for fast, secure and efficient item reads, reducing checkout times and improving customer satisfaction.

Near Field

Identix rPad® can operate in "keyboard wedge mode" (USB keyboard emulation via HID) that facilitates integration with software applications prepared for use with barcode readers. When operating in "HID" mode, rPad® can be configured for automatic decoding of RFID tags EPC memory data in SGTIN96 format to UPC / EAN-13 barcode format.

With easy integration, simplicity, robustness and low cost, rPad® is the ideal device for use in different applications and environments: retail, industry, healthcare and libraries.