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ANTNF0    RAIN RFID antenna for mission critical near field applications


Ideally designed for applications that require a short-range zone defined reading field, the Identix ANTNF0 Near Field antenna delivers a strong and uniform magnetic field along its entire surface.

ANTNF0 is recommended to read traditionally complicated items such as cosmetics, liquids and jewelry. 


The high intensity and 3D uniformity of the magnetic field (X, Y and Z components) covering the entire surface of the antenna without “hot spots” or “nulls”, make the Identix Near Field antenna the ideal device for RFID applications in Point of Sale, Kiosks, Laboratories and Check-in Check-out, guaranteeing the reading of items placed on its surface. 


Its modern, compact and light design make it ideal for use in retail, healthcare and other type of industries.


Magnetic Near Field distribution



  • Point of Sale

  • Kiosks

  • Pharmacies

  • Hospitals

  • Documents Tracking

  • etc

Product Details

  • Operating frequency:
    860-930MHz (ETSI & FCC)

  • Input Impedance: 50 Ohms

  • Near field intensity: 5 dBA/m @6mm (max)

  • Far field gain: -3 dBi (tip)

  • VSWR: <2:1 across entire frequency band

  • Maximum input power: 2W

  • Connector: SMA female

  • Dimensions:

    • 196 x 196 x 14 mm

    • 7.7 x 7.7 x .55 inches

  • Ingress protection rating: IP64. Optional IP 67 on request.

  • Base: painted aluminum

  • Radome: PETG plastic, 1.5mm thick

  • Weight: 300g – 10.6 oz

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