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CONNECTIX for Impinj on-reader data collection software for Impinj readers and gateways



On reader software with easy-to-use graphical user interface for deployments of single readers used to identify RAIN RFID tags

  • Tag Data (EPC, User Memory, and TID)

  • Set basic reader configurations to read RAIN RFID tags and save the configuration on-reader

  • Access RAIN RFID data in an application via MQTT, HID, HTTP POST, TCP/IP, Serial, or USB protocols

  • On reader parsing of SGTIN-96 to different GTIN formats

    • GTIN14 

    • GTIN13 

    • GTIN12

Identix CONNECTIX user interface

CONNECTIX web interface

Identix CONNECTIX for Impinj is an on-reader software that enables users to easily set configurations for a single Speedway reader or gateway, and quickly access RAIN RFID data.


The easy-to-use graphical user interface facilitates setting up reader configurations to quickly read tag data such as EPC, TID and User Memory, and record other relevant information such as last seen Timestamp and Antenna ID.


Multiple protocols are provided for passing RAIN RFID data to an application without costly software development or middleware expenses. Identix CONNECTIX provides a simple user interface and reader configuration for your RAIN RFID infrastructure deployment. 

You may download a FREE evaluation version of CONNECTIX for Impinj directly from our support web site

To purchase CONNECTIX for Impinj please contact us

Product Details

  • Requires Octane firmware release 5.8 or newer

  • Supports the following Impinj hardware

    • IPJ-REV-R120 – all configurations above GX11 (including the Antenna Pack option). 

    • IPJ-REV-R220 – all configurations above GX11

    • IPJ-REV-R420 – all configurations above GX11(including Antenna Hub)

    • IPJ-REV-R640 – all configurations

    • IPJ-REV-R660 – all configurations

    • IPJ-REV-R680 – all configurations

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