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EZR2500  2-in-1 RAIN RFID - BLE beacons IoT gateway with WiFi and Ethernet



  • RAIN RFID high performance reader

  • +31.5dBm max transmit power and -74dBm max receive sensitivity

  • Four RF Antenna ports

  • Worldwide RAIN RFID regulatory domain support including USA (FCC) and Europe (ETSI). China and Japan are not covered

  • Integrated WiFi and Bluetooth


  • One PoE Ethernet 802.3af/at RJ45 port

  • One combo Bluetooth 5 - WiFi 802.11 b/g/n interface

  • Six integrated opto-isolated GPIOs (2 GPIs and 4 GPOs) with MOSFET

  • One UART port

  • Integrated alarm buzzer 

  • Operates with integrated Connectix software application which enables easy integration with business applications


  • Integration via Web services HTTP(s), TCP socket, MQTT, Web sockets through CONNECTIX application

  • A native REST API allows programming in multiple languages


  • Provides device authentication, secure storage of encryption keys and hardware accelerated cryptography

Identix EZR2500 is a high performance, affordable 2-in-1 RAIN RFID - BLE IoT gateway which combines simultaneous reading of passive RAIN RFID tags and BLE beacon scanning capabilities in the same device.

EZR2500 is a versatile device which enables many types of applications such as RFID portals, POS stations, vehicle tracking, supply chain logistics and many others.

The EZR2500 is a robust device with advanced RFID design features such as DRM (Dense Reader Mode) and Carrier Cancellation, usually found in higher cost readers. These features provide excellent tag read performance even in the most adverse RF noise environments.


The CONNECTIX embedded software application allows quick and seamless integration with existing business applications and Cloud services such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, IBM and others. Collected data is directly sent via HTTP Post, TCP socket, MQTT, and other methods. 


Technical Details

  • RAIN RFID IoT gateway with four RF (SMA female) antenna ports

  • Impinj chipset with DRM (Dense Reader Mode) and Carrier Cancellation

  • Reads up to 450 tags/s in DRM or 900 tags/s in high throughput mode

  • Transmit power: from +0dBm to +31.5dBm, configurable in increments of 0.5dBm

  • Receive sensitivity: -74dBm (max)

  • One 100Mbps PoE 802.3af/at Ethernet RJ45 port

  • Integrated 2.4Ghz wireless combo with WiFi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 5.0

  • OTA (over the air) firmware update support

  • Six integrated opto-isolated GPIOs (2 GPIs and 4 GPOs) with MOSFET from +5VDC to +24VDC

  • One RS485 serial port

  • Integrated 110dB Buzzer and high power signaling RGB LEDs

  • DC power: from +9 to +28VDC

  • Dimension: 124 x 137 x 34 mm (4.9 x 5.4 x 1.3 in) 

  • Operating temperature: -20 to +50°C. 5% to 95% non-condensing humidity

  • Weight: 500g (1.1Lbs)

  • IP52 environmental sealing

  • Certifications: FCC, Anatel

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