RAIN RFID antennas

Far Field slim profile antennas


Identix 85C7070 UHF RFID far field antenna

low-cost antenna for
different types of applications



"wide beam" antenna for transition and loss prevention control applications

Identix Far Field antenas are especially designed to address challenging applications including those that require monitoring of sense of direction of assets and personnel

Near Field to short range antennas


Near Field to Short Range UHF RFID  Antennas

RAIN RFID antenna for

mission critical
Near Field applications


Identix 85C7070 UHF RFID far field antenna

general purpose antenna for short range reading applications

Identix "Short Range" and "Near Field" antennas Identix are designed to address applications that require a near to short confined read zone like POS (Point of Sale), laboratory vial identification, shipment verification and others


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