SAM700    Integrated RAIN RFID IoT SoM - System on a Module with WiFi, Bluetooth and Ethernet


preliminary information
expected availability Q1 2022


Identix SAM700 is an advanced SoM (System in a Module) multiregional IoT module that incorporates RAIN RFID, WiFi, Bluetooth and Ethernet connectivity inside the same package.

With a small compact form factor, high output power, four RF antenna ports and a wide variety of connectivity options the Identix SAM700 RAIN RFID IoT module was specifically designed to be easily embedded in devices which required RAIN RFID connectivity including reading stations, smart shelves, cabinets, smart refrigerators, fixed readers and battery powered devices such as high performances handhelds and sleds.

SAM700 uses newest E710 RAIN RFID reader chip from Impinj which offers best in class performance with reading speeds over 1000 tags/s (FCC), reading sensitivity up to -88dBm with low power consumption. Identix SAM700 RFID multiregional capabilities make it the ideal integration choice for devices which requires compliance to different geographical regions.

With programmable output power from 0dBm to +31.5dBm, the RFID reader reaches top reading performances being able to detect RAIN tags from distances over 15m depending on the antenna and the tag used.

Identix's SAM700 fully integrated RoM (Reader on a Module) solution favors space-constrained applications while reducing  development, manufacturing, certifications and integration costs for OEMs.

The embedded high-performance 32-bit dual core microcontroller along with a large amount of memory available allows users to easily white their custom application firmware into SAM700 without even requiring and external host processor. Optionally the embedded MCU can be bypassed/disabled for direct access to the Impinj chip or used together with and external host. 

Product Details - SAM700

Integrated RAIN RFID – IoT SoM (System on a Module)

  • RAIN RFID Gen2V2 (ISO18000-63 reader/writer)

  • Impinj E710 chipset

  • RFID operating region (FCC, ETSI) configurable by software

  • Four RFID RF ports with a maximum TX power of +31.5dBm

  • RFID reading performance over 1000 tags/s (FCC)

  • 32-bit Xtensa LX6 dual-core microcontroller up to 240 MHz

  • 8MB Flash, 4MB PSRAM, 520 KB SRAM and 448 KB ROM

  • One 2.4Ghz RF port for
    Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

  • Wi-Fi 802.11n up to 150Mbps

  • Bluetooth v4.2 BR/EDR and BLE 5

  • 10/100Mbps Ethernet (requires external PHY), SPI and UART interfaces

  • Certifications:
    FCC, CE and Anatel