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DR-pad countertop RAIN RFID reader with USB, Wi-Fi, BLE and integrated antenna


preliminary information

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Far Field directivity

Identix DR-pad is a high performance compact IoT gateway that combines reading of passive RAIN RFID tags and BLE beacon scanning capabilities in the same device.

DR-pad's Wi-Fi connectivity and support for popular IoT protocols such as MQTT and HTTP allows fast and easy integration with all kinds of business applications.

DR-pad has a built-in circular polarized antenna which enhances reading of RFID tags while reduces the hardware and deployment costs, being optimized for applications which require reading distances up to 6m.

DR-pad RFID reader can optionally operate in "keyboard wedge mode" (keyboard emulation via USB HID) along with the automatic decoding of RFID EPC data in GS1 format (SGTIN96-198) to UPC / EAN-13.


These features allow seamless and immediate integration with all applications prepared for use with barcode readers without the need of new software development and integration. 

Identix rPad intenal antenna magnetic near field distribution diagram

Magnetic Near Field distribution

The modern and stylish design together with its competitive cost, make the DR-pad the ideal device for retail applications, especially fashion and apparel. When used with a POS device, it allows for fast, secure, and efficient item reads, reducing checkout times and improving customer satisfaction.


under the counter mounting accessory


over the counter mounting accessory

With easy integration, simplicity, robustness, and low cost, DR-pad is the ideal device for use in different applications and environments: retail, healthcare, libraries, and others.


Product Details


reader/encoder ISO18000-63

  • Operating frequency: 865Mhz to 928Mhz

  • Max transmit power: +27dBm

  • Maximum Reading performance: +300 tags/s (M4)

  • Read sensitivity: -75dBm (M8)

  • Integrated CP antenna with +8.5dBiC gain

  • One USB port for power and data

  • Integrated 2.4Ghz wireless combo with WiFi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth LE 5.0

  • Network protocols:

    • MQTT(s)

    • HTTP(s) REST

    • sockets

    • websockets

  • USB operating modes:

    • USB mirror mode

    • Keyboard wedge (HID),


    • Transparent mode (Impinj EX10)​

  • RGB LED and buzzer for signaling

  • DC power: via USB host port or external USB power brick.​

    • Requires at minimum 3W (600mA) to operate properly at +23dBm output power

    • Maximum consumption of 7.5W when operating at +27dBm power

  • E-fuse: electronic fuse for overvoltage and overcurrent protection

  • Integrated sensors for continuous monitoring of voltage and current

  • Optical sensor for triggering

  • Weight: 750g

  • Dimensions:
    215 x 298 x 20 mm

  • Ingress protection rating: IP54

  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +65°C

  • Certifications:
    FCC, CE and Anatel

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