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SAMDK reader series - embedded high performance RAIN RFID reader solution for Raspberry Pi


preliminary information

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With full flexibility in mind, Identix developed SAMDK which is complete RAIN RFID solution based on Raspberry Pi.

SAMDK can be used in a variety of forms:

  1. as a development kit "carrier board" for the SAM line of RFID modules

  2. as a full-featured reader along with RPi as the main host or

  3. as a standalone reader PCB for embedded applications 

SAMDK implements a dedicated power supply which feeds simultaneously the RFID module and the RPi host. It also integrates a buzzer, an RGB LED, one high-power GPO and one GPI. The communication between SAM module and RPi host can be done via I2C, UART or high-speed SPI interfaces. 

When using SAMDK (along with RPi) as a standalone reader solution, the ESP-32-S3 MCU present in the SAM module can be disabled or used as an additional co-processor for specific functions. In this scenario the Impinj RFID reader IC is be fully controlled by the RPi host via high-speed SPI interface.

Additionally, sophisticated embedded "in-reader" applications can be easily  developed to run on the RPi computer using numerous development and integration tools available in the market.



SAMDK is available in three different versions, depending on your needs:

Reading performance and RX sensitivity 


    SAMDK-700 +1000 tags/s with -86dBm (max) sensitivity


    SAMDK-500 +700 tags/s with -82dBm (max) sensitivity


    SAMDK-300 +700 tags/s with -75dBm (max) sensitivity

Except for the RFID reading performance and reading sensitivity, all remaining features and resources are equal among all models.

  • Gen2V2 RAIN RFID reader

  • Four RF RFID antenna ports

  • Integrated power supply which allows simultaneous feeding of SAM RFID module and the RPi host

  • One high luminosity RGB LED and internal buzzer for signaling

  • One high-power GPIO (+12VDC)

  • One opto-isolated GPI 

  • Internal RTC with supercap for data/time retention on RPi

  • Wi-Fi and BLE connectivity via ESP-32-S3 embedded MCU in SAM module

  • Embedded ESP-32-S3 MCU inside SAM module can be disabled by software 

  • Allow direct access to Impinj reader IC via high speed SPI interface

Technical Details

  • RAIN RFID reader board with four RF antenna ports (TNC female RP)

  • Worldwide RAIN RFID regulatory domain support including USA (FCC) and Europe (ETSI)

  • Impinj Gen2V2 chipset (E710, E510 oe E710) with DRM (Dense Reader Mode) and Carrier Cancellation

  • Reading performance (FCC) and RX sensitivity

    • SAMDK-700 +1000 tags/s -86dBm

    • SAMDK-500 +700 tags/s -82dBm

    • SAMDK-300 +300 tags/s -75dBm

  • Transmit power: from +0dBm to +30dBm, configurable in increments of 0.5dBm. OBS: maximum power is limited on SAMDK due to heat dissipation

  • Two high luminance programmable RGB LEDs for signaling

  • Integrated 110dB buzzer

  • One opto-isolated GPI(s)

  • One high power GPO(s) with output voltage configurable via software

  • Integrated 110dB programmable buzzer for signaling

  • Operating temperature: -20 to +50°C. 5% to 95% non-condensing humidity

  • Weight: 180g (SAMDK PCB and case)

  • Certifications: FCC, CE, Anatel

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